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Private charter flight is more convenient for timing or privacy reasons
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Landing Permit

Essential aspect in the planning of any flight
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Provides catering and ancillary services to airlines
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Flight Planning

We tailor a flight planning service to meet your needs
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Ground Handling

We conduct extensive audits of the handling services offered by our partners
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Providing superior aviation fuel procurement and management services
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You Can Apply for Our Services Online

Fill-up the application form with the required information and our team will help you 24/7.


Hotel Bookings

We work with the reputable hotel chains and wholesalers to provide a unique personalized experience for your stay.

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Concierge Services

We have developed a comprehensive global network allowing us to take care of virtually any task you may require.

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Air Ticketing

We will book and ticket your flight with the airline of your choice with the most cost effective flight tickets available.

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Visa Assistance

Your designated travel consultant will deal with all visa formalities and liaise with local embassies on your behalf.

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Our Services

  • Catering

    Business aviation has boomed over the past two decades and so has the number of private and corporate flights that operate to and from our region. The standard of service to meet the needs of the corporate and private jet segment has been raised...

    Flight Planning

    Flight Management Ltd (FML) can provide your company with State-of-the-Art flight planning. We can tailor a flight planning service to meet your needs, whether we provide you with flight plans generated by our certified dispatchers or remote access...


    Flight Management Ltd (FML) Fuel enjoys a singular reputation for providing superior aviation fuel procurement and fuel management services for corporate aircraft worldwide. FML Fuel teams of experienced professionals have diverse backgrounds in worldwide...
  • Ground Handling

    Flight Management Ltd (FML) has established an extensive handling network. Our experienced team is able to consult with you on the best options for your flight. Through regular contact with our handling partners, we continuously conduct extensive...


    Permits are an essential aspect in the planning of any flight, which is why we made sure that our team is made up of experienced, dynamic, active professionals, capable of completing the task quickly and well equipped to handle your emergencies and...

Welcome to Flight Management Limited

Flight Management Ltd (FML) is a leading global flight support services provider specializing in servicing corporate, charter, commercial and cargo flight operations around the globe. We offer an excellent full service, reliable, high quality, with international standards for all type of flights from A to Z, which we can guarantee through our massive communication network and great partnerships covering the entire world.

We specialize in supporting flight operators that fly into the Middle East, Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia and Pacific.
Our team assists aircraft operators in obtaining relevant permissions, providing regional flight planning advice and making the necessary arrangements for aircraft handling services, hotel reservation, and transportation arrangements to make your experience effortless.

FML has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring you receive a first class service for all your flight preparations and requirements. The FML team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to meet customers’ trip requirements.

FML will relieve you as an executive jet operator from all your flight arrangements and give you more time to concentrate on your crew, your VIP passengers and your flight. Whatever your needs FML Flight Support is here to assist you